Vinyl Warning Has Moved On To Bigger And Better SouNDs!

Vinyl Warning began in 2003, to service my friends, their friends and my own very real vinyl addiction. To me, as a DJ, vinyl was king and the tool of choice for local and international artists.

Soon after starting Vinyl Warning, digital audio and computer technology really began to advance. It was not long before downloadable audio files became not only a real option, but a preferred one by DJs and artists. Many vinyl customers grew with us and bought digital DJ systems from our gear business ‘Store DJ’ and moved from vinyl to download services like
where all music is instant, inexpensive and easy to find.

Vinyl Warning has certainly pushed me to build my businesses around the wants and needs of Australian DJs, producers and artists! And moreover, it’s been a strong and positive force both for myself and the amazing team that helped make it happen.

It has done its job and it’s time for us to say farewell (to our vinyl department)!

Vinyl Warning has closed its online doors, but the passion, experience and knowledge it has created will live on in new, even more exciting adventures that you are all invited to join us on.

Vinyl Warning is re-focusing its team and efforts on the future. The future is a service for Australian DJs - bigger and better than any other in the world of wide webs - and comes in the form of our new digital download joint venture, Dance Music Hub. Our retail stores will also continue to stock the latest and greatest DJ equipment, studio gear & lighting, so be sure to visit us online or
at our stores in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney!

Jeremy – Vinyl Warning